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Welcome Brokers, We Are Better Together BANN Benefit Trust Fund Association Health Plans Brought to You by BANN, Hometown Health and Asset Solutions Group

What to Expect Three Step Enrollment Process

Review Plans & Determine Eligibility

Kick off the process by reviewing the exclusive BANN AHP plans and determine if you are eligible to apply.

BANN Membership

To participate in the BANN AHP, you must be an active member of the Builders Association of Northern Nevada. Please have your Contactors Licence Number available.

Enroll at Hometown Health

Brokers can enroll their clients using Hometown Health's eQuote tool. Or, fill out the applications and email them. Be prepared with Business Licence Information, Employee Applications/Waivers and Employee Payroll info.

One-Stop BANN Benefit Trust Fund AHP Enrollment Get Started

The Builders Benefit Trust Association Health Plans & Eligibility

BANN AHP Plans & Eligibility

Age-Banded Plans
Guaranteed issue with discounts up to 20%
See the Age-Banded Plans and Requirements 

Composite Plans
With discounts up to 40%
See the Composite Plans and Requirements 

Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
Offered through Unum.
Learn More About the Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Plans Offered Through Unum 

2022 BANN AHP Benefit Resources | Downloads | Eligibility

2022 Age-Banded Plans Benefits at a Glance

2022 Age-Banded Plans Rate Table

2022 Composite Plans Benefits at a Glance

2022 Composite Plans Underwriting

Every employer must be able to comply with the requirements of the Builders Eligibility Attestation annually - fillable forms provided in side tab

Every employer must also meet the standards in the Association Health Plan Participation Requirements

BANN Membership Information & Enrollment

*Current members may skip this step.

BANN Membership Information

The Builders Association of Northern Nevada is committed to making its member companies more competitive in the marketplace through cost-saving construction practices & money-saving programs.

For as little as $1.78 a day, your company can benefit from The Builders Association programs and services.

inline image showing the Builders association of northern nevada BANN member benefits

Membership Dues

All membership dues are billed monthly beginning on the application date and include an annual $50 processing fee, a $198 NAHB membership due charge, and $50 to the Political Action Fund. A portion of dues payments may be deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense, however, $190 of your dues payments is not deductible for federal tax purposes because it is allocated to lobbying and other non-deductible political expenditures.

Builder: $1,075 Annually

  • Builders or Developers pulling permits with an active Contractor's License

Subcontractor: $875 Annually

  • Trade Contractor

Associate: $725 Annually

  • All other businesses related to the building/construction industry.

**If applying for health coverage, Builder and Developer application may be subject to additional verification**

Association Health Plans Offered Exclusively to BANN Member Companies

Benefits Include

  • Members save up to 40% on premiums (depending on age)
  • ACA compliant – meets minimum essential coverage guidelines
  • Guaranteed issue age-banding helps determine rates
  • Provides access to Renown Health providers

Plan Comparison

Association Health Plans (AHP) Versus Small Group Plans

  • AHP plans do not cover infertility treatment.
  • AHP plans cover 60 days of skilled nursing instead of 100 days.
  • AHP plans do not cover pediatric vision.
  • AHP plans do not cover hearing aids.
  • AHP plans do not offer a gym benefit.
  • A separate vision plan is available for purchase.

Tips to Complete

  • Join BANN  Online Application

  • The Builder's Association will send a confirmation email upon completion. After that, Hometown Health will have access to your BANN membership status.

  • Upfront payment expedites the membership approval process but it is not necessary.

  • Please have your Contractor's Licence available before starting the application.

More Information On BANN Membership

Want more information regarding membership to The Builders Association of Northern Nevada?

Call The Builders today at 775-329-4611

Select Health Plan Using eQuote

Brokers may take advantage of easy enrollment using Hometown Health's eQuote. Log in, select the chosen plan, and automatically enroll applicants. For more information about Hometown Health’s Association Health Plan application process, see their BANN Association Health Plan webpage.
link to access eQuote

Arrange for Payment

Estimate* the first month's premium and send the check to:

Hometown Health
10315 Professional Circle
Reno, NV 89521

*Please be aware that rates are subject to change based on final information.

Any discrepancy between the binder amount and the final enrollment will be billed or credited on the first premium bill.

Use this Checklist to Verify You Have all The Necessary Documents to Complete Enrollment

Verify that you have all of the documentation listed below. Upon review:

Upload the documents in the 3rd Step using the eQuote uploader tool (preferred)


Send all documents via email to:


Document Checklist :

Businesses with owners that do not appear on the State Wage & Quarterly must provide at least one item from the list below:

    • Partnership Business Type - US Return of Partnership Income Form 1065 (Schedule K-1)
    • S Corporation Business Type - US Return of Shareholder Income Form 1120S (Schedule K-1)
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC) with Partners - Form 1065 (Schedule K-1)

    Businesses with "W-2" Employees

    • Most recent filed State Wage & Quarterly 
      • Businesses in operation less than three months must submit Articles of Incorporation along with two weeks of payroll in lieu of the State Wage & Quarterly.
    • Two weeks of payroll receipts for employees that do not appear on the group's State Wage & Quarterly
      • Business Verification Form may be submitted in lieu of payroll at Underwriting's approval
    • Waiver of Health Coverage Benefits for all Eligible Employees who are waiving coverage or are eligible for and/or participating in COBRA.
      • "Eligible Employee" means a permanent employee who has a regular working week of 30 or more hours.

2022 BANN Benefit Trust Fund Age Banded Rates

Use these rate calculators to obtain your monthly premium by selecting the renewal date, county where the business is located, product and membership type.


Fill Out These Forms or Use eQuote

Directions: Fill out each form and save the completed form to your computer. Forms can be either emailed or uploaded through eQuote (part 4).

All employees must complete either the Enrollment Change Form or the Waiver of Health Coverage Benefits form.

Fillable Forms:

Application and Adoption Agreement


Enrollment Change Form

Waiver of Health Coverage Benefits – for employees waiving coverage

Fill Out These Forms or Use eQuote

Directions: Fill out each form and save the completed form to your computer. Forms can be either emailed or uploaded through eQuote.

All Applicants

Fillable Forms

Eligibility Attestation


Common Ownership Attestation

Business Attestation (partnerships with no W-2 employees)

BANN Benefit Trust Fund Association Health Plans

BANN Members save up to 40% on Hometown Health insurance premiums


Member Employers Enrolled


Active BANN Covered Lives


Dollars Saved Since Inception


Average Yearly Savings ($) Per Employee

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